Exodus of Hope

Dear Cousin Grakune,
Goblin Poop

My travels have brought me into the strangest of company, a mixed and motley gang of sullen souls and disenchanted wenches. I cannot speak upon the errand I now pursue. However, suffice it to say that said task has taken me to Neverwinter, a city that is most distinguishable by its smell and lack of discernible culture. Gigantic oafs crowd the muddy streets, pushing and shoving and howling the inflated value of their wares. I have been fortunate enough to glean from what few merchants of merit worthy of my business a crossbow and the appropriate ammunition. A clumsy weapon, one that lacks the finesse and artistry of our blades. Given the danger I currently find myself in the utility and convenience of such a device outweighs my predilection for more elegant weaponry, which I seek with an abundance of haste.

Did I mention the dolts to which I’ve been assigned left me behind? A lead presented itself which I could not ignore after a brief and bloody encounter with a few goblins and their odious worg pets, a lead which could grant further insight into the disturbing trend of garden defecations to which the highest of considerations must be assigned. But, instead of patiently awaiting for my return the pack of pollywogs blundered out into the wilderness without the boon of my experience and counsel. Fools! It is all but certain the marauding muglucks have landed themselves in a snarl of peril the likes of which can only be undone by yours truly. Fortunately, I have a very good idea as to what their destination is and the most likely route they’ll pursue. I must make haste. Their fragile lives depend upon it. As such I must conclude this brief missive and trust that it finds you in good health.

Ta ta for now.


Prayer for Deliverance

After arriving at the gates of Neverwinter, Gabriel calls out to the night watchmen and tells them that they are weary travels seeking shelter for the night. The gates open and the band of travelers descend upon the first place for lodging that they come across. 4 days of road dust and grime cover each adventurer and the thought of a hot meal, a warm fire and a basin of water eases their caution of how precarious this city can be.

Gabriel seeks out a single room and as she closes the door, notices a dirty piece of tin hanging on the wall that serves as a mirror. What surprises her is the reflection staring back. This was not the reflection of a 16 year old acolyte but the face of a determined warrior. She takes both her gauntlets off and eases the mirror off the wall and slowly shines it with a portion of her tunic.

It seems like a lifetime ago when she first noticed her Aasimar heritage and this journey began. That had only been 2 years. And the week it took to arrive at Neverwinter seemed like a lifetime of its own. Her mind wandered as she stared into the mirror; thinking, remembering…..

Gabriel blinks back to reality and places the mirror back on the wall. Then falls to both knees in the center of the room.

All thanks and praise to You mighty Torm. You have delivered me to this city and for that I am thankful. You have kept me and my companions safe, and for that I am thankful. Your watch is ever present and your protection reaches forever.
I have seen the face of evil and am thankful for Your shield of protection. You have given me the strength to defeat my enemies. Thank you for granting victory to Your servant. Help me to never forget that my strength comes from You. Without You, I am nothing.
Each time that I close a wound in Your name, I feel I impart a piece of You into my companions. Help them to see the power in Your might. Help them to feel the comfort in Your embrace. Help them to know peace in understanding You.
Be with us as we began the next part of our journey. Give our feet direction. Give our minds insight . Give our hands strength to act.
Help me to show Your light to those that would not otherwise know it.
In Your Holy Name I pray. Amen.

Castien's Second Reverie

Castien set the radiating pebble down on the ground in the middle of the empty cavern as his heart calmed. He took a few stick and stacked them in a fashion taught to him by some of the wild elves from the valley of his youth before making ready to rest. He carefully unfurled his bed roll close to the light and sat, there was no surprise as Silas created the fire with a spark. The light caught his eyes, the fire a focus, and his mind slipped away into reverie.

Reflection on the past few days was not particularly difficult. First, Castien considered the trip to Waterdeep; it was uneventful, but the faintest of winds alluded to a storm over the horizon. Idrian disappeared into the city with haste before the group could inform him they were moving on or, perhaps, they left him in a ditch near the city. Time flowed forward and back, Castien at times had trouble recalling the events which occurred in reverie, but it was unimportant as he was sure the Xeph would find them in Neverwinter.

The days carried forward as the weather worsened until it eventually became impossible to carry on towards their destination as a large storm rolled in from the water. A shelter was found with haste in the form of a cave and the lot huddled in, free of niceties such as horses. Castien and Silas held to the rear as Vaedryn worked forward attempting to find other inhabitants which may have made the cave their home. In short order, those inhabitants found the rogue.

With light in hand, Castien kept to the rear to better watch his compatriots, but the group spread too thin. Castien scurried forward with an odd feeling in mind. He knew the thud before it hit the rogue. Thankfully, Gabriel was not far away. Silas too darted forward and a mist snuffed out all light as sounds of combat begun to ring out.

Dupree stumbled out of the dark towards him. Castien knew the group may be in trouble without the strong arm of the aasmir. His training took over and he dispelled the mist, hoping it had bought the group enough time to get into place. The combined light of Silas’ and Castien’s stone illuminated a small chamber with a number of large spiders and an Ettercap.

Castien waited for the creature to find the ground as it had taken to the walls it obviously knew so well. His patience paid off and grease appeared under its feet on que. Silas, who looked worse for wear took the appropriate place and fire shot from his hands as Dupree and Gabriel hacked into the various assortment of enemies. Vaedryn carefully positioned herself round the combat, picking off opponents and Castien added a few magic missiles for good measure.

If the group was to survive another encounter with less luck, they would have to learn to work better together.

Spiders, Ettercaps, treasure oh my!

Roads can be long and many look much like any other in the light of day and especially the dark of night. Usually you might hire a guide, someone that knows the roads and can show you the correct path to where you are bound. Call it hubris, call it pride, call it poor planning but we did not hire a guide and thus, instead of being outside the gates of Neverwinter, we found ourselves outside the gates of Waterdeep.

Deciding against an excursion into the fabled city, we gained direction to the correct path to our target city and off into the wilderness we went once more. The road would take three days and with little good humor and much snickering at ourselves we took to travel once more.

After the first night out we were nearing a small mountain range and a storm blew in off the Sword Coast. Shelter was the one thing on our minds as the wind and rain pounded us like a baker pounds dough for bread. The rain came at us from the side and stung like tiny pebbles striking our skin and driving us towards the mountains. The decision was made to try and find a cave or shelter of some sort. Finally after much searching and cursing we were able to find an entrance at the base of the mountain range.

The cave was dark and showed no signs of recent life at the beginning edge. The teifling took the lead and slid into the darkness like an old friend. After giving her several moments head start we followed her into the unknown. The darkness was stifling and the air was stale but it was preferable to the stinging rain and wind outside. It was a gasp from the teifling that changed out mind rather suddenly to this fact.

Now for years I have been training and studying mage craft as it were. For years tutors and mentors have told me that my tendency to blow things up was too brutish. They told me that I needed to learn the finer art of wielding the power that had been gifted to me. Kossuth knows I love a good fire and its tingling, stinging touch still and forever shall send a thrill up my spine. So my actions next were in an attempt to be more subtle, and in the end I learned it is truly hard to beat blowing things up with fire.

Vaedryn gasped and my light showed two giant spiders at the edges of its enlightenment in the darkness of the cave. They had ambushed V and she was down on the stone. Garbiel rushed to her aid and thinking we needed time to regroup in the face of huge hairy things eating our scout, I brought up a spell I had never used. The conjuration brought forth a heavy fog that obscured all light and I thought, would cover the retreat of the priest with the scout. Sadly all it appeared to do was muddy the waters even more and cause confusion on our parts. The spiders appeared unaffected and started to attack.

It was at this point that something nasty appeared beside me. It smelled like a butcher’s midden and hit like an executioners axe. Before I had fully recovered from its stench it had struck me a blow that nearly severed my left arm and sent me reeling into the cavern wall. As I hit the wall I caught a glimpse of the creature, bloody, razor sharp arms and claws start towards the priest. I shouted an alarm and suddenly felt the warmth of healing spread through me. My arm that had gone useless from the damage done to it was useful once again.

Castien, the other mage in our group, whose mind was not in pains stranglehold, took the initiative and saw the situation. He dispelled the mist and this allowed the situation to unfold a bit more clearly. The priest had assisted the scout back to her feet and she was close to fighting stance once again. At this Dupree waded into the fray and struck the group. The time for finesse over I felt that familiar itch between my shoulder blades and started to allow the flame within me to rise to the surface. Its familiar kiss enveloped me like a lover and in twin great gouts of ecstasy I let loose the destruction held within its golden embrace. In true cooperation and anticipation of my angry release, the other mage had set grease upon the floor of the cavern under the opposition’s location. The caustic flammable creation held them fast and accelerated the fiery doom I unleashed against them. Even through he is an elf, I find there are definite lessons I can learn from him about cooperation and coordination during battle.

The twin spiders and their master were gone. Their fiery carcasses still smoldered as we slid them into a corner and checked the rest of their lair. They had fought well and almost taken our scout to task for missing the signs of their habitation. However through the love of Kossuth’s fiery touch we were triumphant and held the cave as our own until the storm blew itself out and we could continue.

The rest of our journey was rather uneventful and eventually we made it to the gates outside the correct city. We were able to obtain entrance to the city through our guise as escorts to Gabriel the priest of Torm and started to seek out our contacts that were supposedly in place within the grand city itself.

Castien's Reverie

Castien stared into the fire, his newfound companions fast asleep around him except for the amber eyed Xeph, Idran. The small creature rummaged through all available bag’s, seemingly unaware of the elven reverie and cognizance of surroundings. The day had brought a brutal fight with a trio of goblins on worgs and Castien had long since expended his memorized set of spells; rest was welcomed.

As his mind drifted off, he thought back to his travel through Evereska to the city of Silverymoon. The city was alive as he entered it late in the day and Moongleam Tower, his final destination, stood high near the middle of the city. The Tower marked a known Harper location, the only to his knowledge, throughout Toril. Going into the place, who knew what eyes were upon the would-be group of recruits.

He was met by Joroth, the individual who had recruited him not so long ago, a half-elf seemingly with the patience that betrayed his human parentage. Still, Joroth was not a bad fellow and he seemed righteous later in their meeting when challenged by the Tiefling, V… V he thought was easiest to mark that creature.

The motley was met by the Lord Vasil who facilitated introductions, the aforementioned xeph and tiefling, a pair aasmar, and a human wizard known as Silas. The lot of them showed interesting personality quirks – the xeph was noisey, the aasimar duty prone, the tiefling suspicious, and the human was surprisingly intelligent (given he was a Wizard, this proved to be hardly surprising). The group listened as Vasil recounted the failures of a pair of Harper agents in Neverwinter and requested the group travel to investigate.

After a fair meal of human fare, a rather lengthy discourse focused on an attempted plan erupted; the group wisely parted ways and met up the next morning. Castien breezed by the walk, wherein he fell to the back and took in the activities of his fellows as they walked in attempt to learn a bit more about them. Most telling in their walk was the way they adeptly handled themselves in a combat; the xeph was noisey, casting metal about, the aasimar were dutiful swinging weapons and healing as appropriate, the tiefling was suspicious hiding about and shooting the goblins with her crossbow (Castien suspected she may shoot the xeph deservedly at some few points), and the human put himself in harm’s way unnecessarily repeatedly.

The walk proved his thoughts on each, but more time was needed to assess their personalities (he was an elf afterall).

Vaedryn's Journal

Harpers. Still not worth the paycheck.
Suicidal wizards. Typical.
Aasimar. Surprisingly not the most contentious.
Bard. Won’t last long.
May this assignment be a short one.

Day Five

Neverwinter. Not much has changed, not even the smell. The company that Lord Vasil has stitched together to find two missing agents is odd at best. I am sure of the fellow Aasimar. Between spell casters, a back stabbing devil and an overly friendly Xeph, I wonder what Lord Vasil’s true intentions are. He is a keeper of many secrets and I suspect that our expedition is not one of them. Attacked outside of Neverwinter by no ordinary thieves, I feel there is a lot more deception than truth around me. Neverwinter is the first stone to be overturned. I often struggle with how much I am bound by a code that showed no favor to my mother even though she gave her life to it.

Silas's Sanity Check

In an attempt to discontinue the practice of talking to myself, I have decided to start writing my thoughts down here. So I bring quill to parchment in an attempt at perceived sanity for what it’s worth in this semblance of existence I have discovered.

As you my dear self does undoubtedly recall, (no one loves me like me) I have been “recruited” into the highly secretive organization known as the Harpers. Truly I had thought them a myth but in this case that’s what I get for thinking. Far better to remain ignorant in this case I think, however here I am wearing a pin and a tracker. The tracker was a nice touch as well, we want you in our ranks because you can go where we can’t but trust, and well that’s a dish that certainly isn’t free, like me.

So I get back to the hole I had rented in Silvery moon, a dear little Inn known as the Saucy Wench’s Secret, I thought it strangely amusing to say the least. There I find a missive from my superior in the chorus of those who harp, Lord Wonstin Vasil. No apology for entering my quarters and mussing my bed, did they sleep there before they left? Perhaps fancy a quick roll on the ole lad’s bed with the serving wench before I drop this note my love? Well it’s just rude is what it is but well I suppose that’s what you get for joining a group of secret do gooders. Manners! It’s all I ask for!

The missive calls me to a meeting with at the Moongleam tower in Everlund. A meeting and not a mention of why or even a copper coin to assist in the traveling expenses, again…rude! So I suppose my meager wallet shall have to bear the burden of this travel. Well it was not the easiest of notions to be sure. The cost of this mansion of a room had cost me nearly a gold in the ten-day I had been its occupant, on reflection I should have asked the rats and other vermin for assistance with costs as they too were frequent occupants of that palatial space. But alas I had not the foresight to ask for assistance with the expenses and again looked at my bare coin purse and considered my dilemma.

As Tymora would have it, I happened on a caravan leaving within the time allotted for the travel to the meeting place that needed assistance in the magical guard duty department. They were within my pay scale (free travel to the meeting and food and shelter along the way) so I signed my name on the line and entered a new career as a caravan guard.

The time on the road went largely as expected. I met with the caravan master and the leader of his guards the next morning. My duties were largely to ride in a wagon and be the ace in the hole should the caravan be attacked by some unknown force of banditry or monster seemingly without the common sense to attack an obviously well-armed caravan full of goods. Of course I had to check the manifest of the merchandise and discovered to my dismay that we were transporting wine of a good vintage from the city of Silverymoon to some sort of wine tasting ceremony for the nobles of Everlund. As it was my duty to guard the wine in question and ensure its safety, where better than my stomach was a portion of the cargo to go? The trip was mostly uneventful (or what I recall of it was) and in less than a ten-day, on schedule we arrived in Everlund.

I thought the caravan master quite rude for taking the wine out of my wages (which caused me not to be paid at all and only quick work kept me from owing coin) but alas it was a good vintage and I recall tossing a friendly salute towards the palace in approval for their choice as I departed, hung over but no worse for wear.

I wandered through the city and even dropped my hat near a tavern to make a few coins with some simple prestidigitation. It always amuses me to gain a silver or two with a quick story punctuated with parlor tricks and the occasional flare of magic. The time was passed easily and I was able to quickly collect my offerings before being rushed off at the point of a broom by a foul mouthed tavern keeper. Call me spiteful but I thought she deserved the burns she received when I ignited her broom and set her skirts alight with a quick cantrip. She had struck me after all and well, as it did no real damage had ruffled my feathers as it were.

So to the Moongleam tower I went, the travel through the city was quick and after a close call and question by a local constable, I changed my appearance for the majority of the trip. A quick wave of a hand, a moment of concentration and I am as unremarkable as a prostitute’s maidenhead. With my new face and attitude I slid along back streets to the tower and took up residence outside the main entrance to watch who entered before me.

Eventually the time came and I went up to the door. There with me at the door was an Elven mage, a Tiefling and a Xeph. No it’s not a joke; we went into a tower not a bar. Once the door opened we were joined by an two Aasimar, we were going all united races of Faerun up in this camp. For being the most populous race in the realms, I was suddenly feeling very much like the minority in this group, then again that meant more female companionship for me. It’s never a bad thing to have less competition for the farer sex. I heard that somewhere…

Up into the tower I went with my multiracial super friends and we eventually arrived in a small room near the center. Vasil was there as was his errand boy Joroth. What a tool Joroth is, supposedly a spy and hunter. Joroth wouldn’t know his harp from a hole in his hairless half-human rear end. There is one stupid stupid head I would truly love to singe. Did I mention that I don’t care for him?

Alas Lord Vasil informs us that Harpers are missing in Neverwinter and of course we have to go and find out what happened to them. Apparently someone known as Akula the Strong (Nice name, could mean smell or big muscles, as one leads to the other I’m betting on both) has gone undercover and probably gone all native on his lordship. Then as the harpers do, they sent Penelope and a group of mercenaries to see what happened to the smelly one. During the conversation there was some wonderful back and forth between the Teifling, now known as Vaedryn, and Joroth. Apparently she must know the little snake as well and called him out on his inability to keep his informants safe. She even went so far as to implicate Joroth indirectly in the disappearance. I almost fell off the rather comfy sofa I had occupied in mirth! Sadly the presence of Lord Vasil kept the altercation from going to blows, that was one little scuffle I would love to have dropped the fire on.

So through more conversation we determined that our contact in the city was known as Dalynda. Supposedly she was once some sort of Herald, and is willing to point us in a direction once we arrive. The rest of the conversation was full of this and that which amounted to nothing and we were escorted up higher in the tower to a feast prepared for us to get to know one another.

First Impressions:
Vaedryn: Teifling, Quiet specialist. Needs to eat a sammich. I know you are all demon blood and all but damn take a damn smoke or something and get laid, you will feel better. She isn’t bad with a bow but it doesn’t make up for her mouth.

Dupree: Solid Aasimar warrior seems to have good ideas and takes direction well, all qualities I promote in those that travel with me.

Castien: Elven battle mage seems dependable. Stood in the back and directed but he is a slave to his pointy ears so that can be allowed.

Gabriel: Aasimar cleric of Torm. Yay. A follower of Torm. If I could find a way to fall on a fireball I would do it now and save myself the aggravation. Wears heavy armor, probably to hide her male parts.

Idrian: Xeph singer of songs. So far he appears to be the only one with a discernible sense of humor. Other than yours truly of course. Has quite the appetite and his recommendation that Vaedryn masquerade as a harlot was a stroke of genius; I care not what her high pointy tail thought.

Joroth: Punk.

Vasil: Holder of punk’s leash.

During dinner we were careful to keep our hands and other appendages away from Idrian who sat in the center of the table and consumed all that came near him. The conversation ran the gambit of simple introduction to planning for the trip to Neverwinter. Several plans were put forth, caravan guards, merchants hauling goods, servants escorting a member of clergy and guards escorting a highly paid prostitute. (My favorite was the prostitute, props to Idrian) We put things in motion, stole some food for the road as they neglected to provide per diem. (Note to self, Harpers are cheap suns a guns)

The next morning we discovered that all the caravans had departed recently and that we would have to wait over a ten-day for another. I again suggested with Idrian the whore cover story and was voted down by the vicious eye daggers of the fair Vaedryn mistress of dark clouds and all things wrong with the female of the species. We decided to go with the cover story of the traveling cleric and retinue, after we convinced the fair Gabriel that it wasn’t a lie if she intended to visit the city and stopped at a temple to Torm when we arrive. (Sigh really?) A quick stop at a market near the gate for last minute supplies and off we went.

The journey would have been uneventful and we were making great time. However the beautiful Vaedryn decided it was her time of the moon and a scented trail of brimstone led three wolf riding goblins to our back doorstep. Of course when they discovered the source of their odorous quest, they did the predictable thing and charged screaming. I will not bore you with the details of the fight. Needless to say, Dupree is a formidable fighter, Castien and I work well together in concert with our casting abilities, Vaedryn can shoot a bow (big whoop), Gabriel can take a hit and heal (surprise surprise, I still think it’s a man) and Idrian has a voice made to kill goblins. At the end of the fight, we triumphed and I only had to dance on the doorstep of death for it to happen. Go team Harper! And to add insult to injury, I owe my life to the he/she’s healing bringing me back from my tap dancing audition for Asmodeus. (He gave me a 6, said I lacked flames and needed more scars, screw him and his horns)

So the rest of the journey was uneventful and due to excellent planning on our part we arrived at the gates of Waterdeep one hour after they closed for the night, causing us to camp outside the walls for the night while we can hear the sounds of the city over the walls. Why would we think to get there before sundown? What city other than ALL OF THEM closes their doors at sundown and doesn’t open them again till daybreak. Ah well, here I sit, Vaedryn sits nearby probably thinking dirty thoughts about Jorath. Gabriel is snoring under a tree (It’s a man), Dupree is standing guard and Castien and Idrian are arguing about the best brothel in the city and which they should sell Vaedryn to once we get inside. All in all it’s a normal night in the life of a Harper.

Waterdeep Morning Prayer

Upon arriving outside Waterdeep, Gabriel and her companions seek out lodging for the night. After a night of restless sleep in a dingy inn, Gabriel awakens at day break and cracks the tiny window in her room, letting in the frigid morning air and the stale city smells of Waterdeep. Dressed only in her floor length sleeping gown she lites a single candle and kneels in the center of the room facing the window.

All thanks and glory to You Mighty Torm. May my prayers be as incense and drift to great You with the morning sun.
My thanks for choosing me to be Your instrument in this endeavor. Help me to be worthy of Your grace and guide my hands to do Your bidding.
I pray for those we are searching for. Akula and Penelope. Give them comfort. Help them to know that assistance is forthcoming. Guide my decisions to be a reflection of You and allow my actions to be Your Will.
I pray for those journeying with me. Help me to show your Divine Grace to each of them so that they too, may know You. Thank You for the opportunity to spread Your grace to those who may not otherwise know it. Although they may not yet know You, I feel that their intent is true and their purpose straight, even though their path may not always be a reflection of You.
I pray for the agent that we must seek out to assist us in our quest, Dalynda. Help her to know the answers we seek. Give her foresight so that she may help us. Give her answers so may shed light where there is darkness.
Thank You for blessing me with an insight to You. I pray that You continue to shine Your guidance on me as I become a sword for You against evil and a shield for the weak. Allow my hands to close wounds in Your name and to bolster those who need Your grace.
All of this I pray in Your Holy Name. Amen.

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