Lore of the Harpers

The Faerun-spanning organization known as the Harpers disbanded nearly a century ago. However, in the city of Everlund is Moongleam Tower, a Harper hold of old. When Netheril returned, a remnant of the old organization reformed. Under the leadership of Eaerlraun Shadowlyn, the small organization was dedicated to one purpose: opposing the growing power of the Shadovar. When Eaerlraun was later assassinated by Shadovar assassins for his effrontery, the old-oft-ignored rule of keeping one’s Harper membership secret gained new meaning and purpose.

Even with the assassination of Eaerlraun, the fledgling organization persists. Today, Moongleam Tower serves as the only known Harper hold in all of Faerun. Rather than housing Harpers, the clandestine leadership is based there, each with their own area of responsibility in addressing the threats to Toril. Although most of the leadership concentrate their efforts against the growing threat of the Shadovar, there are many threats that require the expertise of Harpers.

It is unknown how many Harpers exist in Faerun presently, but many whisper that the Harpers are a dying breed, who are outmatched at every turn by threats that seem more cunning and more deadly than in the days of the Harpers’ “hayday”. How they are structured is also a mystery, even to most of the Harpers themselves. But most realize that such secrecy is necessary to ensure the security of this members…
*More information will be available to characters with the appropriate skills and ranks.

Your characters have been Harpers for a very short time. How you were recruited in as a Harper will also vary greatly. You were given a “basic training” of sorts, but in many ways, it is less sufficient than what you envisioned. Although you saw Lord Vasila once or twice, you never interacted with him. You did know that he was the one giving the orders through the Harpers that were training you. You have not been given an assignment and were given leave to return to your lives.

That was a year ago…

Recently, you returned to your place of dwelling with a sealed letter waiting for you on your bed. After determining it was safe, you read the letter. The letter is located HERE.

Lore of the Harpers

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