Character Creation


Most all of the material found on the PFSRD is approved for play. Although I am allowing almost all Pathfinder material for play, I may ask you to come up with another concept or make some changes if it does not align with the setting. Also note, the more your character is “cheesed out”, the more deadly your encounters will be to ensure a challenge exists for your party. Resurrections are rare in this setting and divine intervention is nearly non-existent. As such, always have a back-up character ready and back-ups will never be as robust as your original, so it behooves you to play smart.

- ABILITY SCORES: We will be using the Point Buy system to determine ability scores. You have 20 points to spend. Choose your statistics wisely.
Ability Score Chart

- ALIGNMENT: Characters must be of any non-evil alignment. If you really feel you must be of an evil alignment, then I will require you produce a detailed background that supports not only the alignment, but how your evil character will be able to interact amiably with the rest of the party.

- CLASS: Any class is approved for play, including most 3rd party classes found on the PRSRD. If it fits a world-specific flavor of Pathfinder, then you will need to write up flavor text that adapts it to Forgotten Realms. For all “off the wall” classes or archetypes, I will require a detailed background that shows me the viability of such a concept.

- RACE: Any race is approved for play, including most 3rd party races and monstrous races. However, all “off the wall” races will require a detailed background that shows me the viability of the such a race in a Neverwinter setting. You WILL suffer the social drawbacks of being a race that deserves them.

- TRAITS: You may select two character traits, but they may not be the same type. If you are playing a rare race (Aasimar, Tiefling, Xeph, etc.), you may only select one.

- EQUIPMENT: You have the maximum starting gold allowed for a 1st level character of your class. You may spend this any way you please. If you have “off the wall” equipment, you will need to describe how you have this equipment in your background.

- BACKGROUND: There is a section with your character that allows you to put in a biography. This is required. There is also an area that only the GM can see. Put what you want here that other characters would not be privy to.

Character Creation

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