Exodus of Hope

Spiders, Ettercaps, treasure oh my!

Roads can be long and many look much like any other in the light of day and especially the dark of night. Usually you might hire a guide, someone that knows the roads and can show you the correct path to where you are bound. Call it hubris, call it pride, call it poor planning but we did not hire a guide and thus, instead of being outside the gates of Neverwinter, we found ourselves outside the gates of Waterdeep.

Deciding against an excursion into the fabled city, we gained direction to the correct path to our target city and off into the wilderness we went once more. The road would take three days and with little good humor and much snickering at ourselves we took to travel once more.

After the first night out we were nearing a small mountain range and a storm blew in off the Sword Coast. Shelter was the one thing on our minds as the wind and rain pounded us like a baker pounds dough for bread. The rain came at us from the side and stung like tiny pebbles striking our skin and driving us towards the mountains. The decision was made to try and find a cave or shelter of some sort. Finally after much searching and cursing we were able to find an entrance at the base of the mountain range.

The cave was dark and showed no signs of recent life at the beginning edge. The teifling took the lead and slid into the darkness like an old friend. After giving her several moments head start we followed her into the unknown. The darkness was stifling and the air was stale but it was preferable to the stinging rain and wind outside. It was a gasp from the teifling that changed out mind rather suddenly to this fact.

Now for years I have been training and studying mage craft as it were. For years tutors and mentors have told me that my tendency to blow things up was too brutish. They told me that I needed to learn the finer art of wielding the power that had been gifted to me. Kossuth knows I love a good fire and its tingling, stinging touch still and forever shall send a thrill up my spine. So my actions next were in an attempt to be more subtle, and in the end I learned it is truly hard to beat blowing things up with fire.

Vaedryn gasped and my light showed two giant spiders at the edges of its enlightenment in the darkness of the cave. They had ambushed V and she was down on the stone. Garbiel rushed to her aid and thinking we needed time to regroup in the face of huge hairy things eating our scout, I brought up a spell I had never used. The conjuration brought forth a heavy fog that obscured all light and I thought, would cover the retreat of the priest with the scout. Sadly all it appeared to do was muddy the waters even more and cause confusion on our parts. The spiders appeared unaffected and started to attack.

It was at this point that something nasty appeared beside me. It smelled like a butcher’s midden and hit like an executioners axe. Before I had fully recovered from its stench it had struck me a blow that nearly severed my left arm and sent me reeling into the cavern wall. As I hit the wall I caught a glimpse of the creature, bloody, razor sharp arms and claws start towards the priest. I shouted an alarm and suddenly felt the warmth of healing spread through me. My arm that had gone useless from the damage done to it was useful once again.

Castien, the other mage in our group, whose mind was not in pains stranglehold, took the initiative and saw the situation. He dispelled the mist and this allowed the situation to unfold a bit more clearly. The priest had assisted the scout back to her feet and she was close to fighting stance once again. At this Dupree waded into the fray and struck the group. The time for finesse over I felt that familiar itch between my shoulder blades and started to allow the flame within me to rise to the surface. Its familiar kiss enveloped me like a lover and in twin great gouts of ecstasy I let loose the destruction held within its golden embrace. In true cooperation and anticipation of my angry release, the other mage had set grease upon the floor of the cavern under the opposition’s location. The caustic flammable creation held them fast and accelerated the fiery doom I unleashed against them. Even through he is an elf, I find there are definite lessons I can learn from him about cooperation and coordination during battle.

The twin spiders and their master were gone. Their fiery carcasses still smoldered as we slid them into a corner and checked the rest of their lair. They had fought well and almost taken our scout to task for missing the signs of their habitation. However through the love of Kossuth’s fiery touch we were triumphant and held the cave as our own until the storm blew itself out and we could continue.

The rest of our journey was rather uneventful and eventually we made it to the gates outside the correct city. We were able to obtain entrance to the city through our guise as escorts to Gabriel the priest of Torm and started to seek out our contacts that were supposedly in place within the grand city itself.


Good stuff, Jason!


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