Exodus of Hope

Prayer for Deliverance

After arriving at the gates of Neverwinter, Gabriel calls out to the night watchmen and tells them that they are weary travels seeking shelter for the night. The gates open and the band of travelers descend upon the first place for lodging that they come across. 4 days of road dust and grime cover each adventurer and the thought of a hot meal, a warm fire and a basin of water eases their caution of how precarious this city can be.

Gabriel seeks out a single room and as she closes the door, notices a dirty piece of tin hanging on the wall that serves as a mirror. What surprises her is the reflection staring back. This was not the reflection of a 16 year old acolyte but the face of a determined warrior. She takes both her gauntlets off and eases the mirror off the wall and slowly shines it with a portion of her tunic.

It seems like a lifetime ago when she first noticed her Aasimar heritage and this journey began. That had only been 2 years. And the week it took to arrive at Neverwinter seemed like a lifetime of its own. Her mind wandered as she stared into the mirror; thinking, remembering…..

Gabriel blinks back to reality and places the mirror back on the wall. Then falls to both knees in the center of the room.

All thanks and praise to You mighty Torm. You have delivered me to this city and for that I am thankful. You have kept me and my companions safe, and for that I am thankful. Your watch is ever present and your protection reaches forever.
I have seen the face of evil and am thankful for Your shield of protection. You have given me the strength to defeat my enemies. Thank you for granting victory to Your servant. Help me to never forget that my strength comes from You. Without You, I am nothing.
Each time that I close a wound in Your name, I feel I impart a piece of You into my companions. Help them to see the power in Your might. Help them to feel the comfort in Your embrace. Help them to know peace in understanding You.
Be with us as we began the next part of our journey. Give our feet direction. Give our minds insight . Give our hands strength to act.
Help me to show Your light to those that would not otherwise know it.
In Your Holy Name I pray. Amen.



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