Exodus of Hope

Castien's Second Reverie

Castien set the radiating pebble down on the ground in the middle of the empty cavern as his heart calmed. He took a few stick and stacked them in a fashion taught to him by some of the wild elves from the valley of his youth before making ready to rest. He carefully unfurled his bed roll close to the light and sat, there was no surprise as Silas created the fire with a spark. The light caught his eyes, the fire a focus, and his mind slipped away into reverie.

Reflection on the past few days was not particularly difficult. First, Castien considered the trip to Waterdeep; it was uneventful, but the faintest of winds alluded to a storm over the horizon. Idrian disappeared into the city with haste before the group could inform him they were moving on or, perhaps, they left him in a ditch near the city. Time flowed forward and back, Castien at times had trouble recalling the events which occurred in reverie, but it was unimportant as he was sure the Xeph would find them in Neverwinter.

The days carried forward as the weather worsened until it eventually became impossible to carry on towards their destination as a large storm rolled in from the water. A shelter was found with haste in the form of a cave and the lot huddled in, free of niceties such as horses. Castien and Silas held to the rear as Vaedryn worked forward attempting to find other inhabitants which may have made the cave their home. In short order, those inhabitants found the rogue.

With light in hand, Castien kept to the rear to better watch his compatriots, but the group spread too thin. Castien scurried forward with an odd feeling in mind. He knew the thud before it hit the rogue. Thankfully, Gabriel was not far away. Silas too darted forward and a mist snuffed out all light as sounds of combat begun to ring out.

Dupree stumbled out of the dark towards him. Castien knew the group may be in trouble without the strong arm of the aasmir. His training took over and he dispelled the mist, hoping it had bought the group enough time to get into place. The combined light of Silas’ and Castien’s stone illuminated a small chamber with a number of large spiders and an Ettercap.

Castien waited for the creature to find the ground as it had taken to the walls it obviously knew so well. His patience paid off and grease appeared under its feet on que. Silas, who looked worse for wear took the appropriate place and fire shot from his hands as Dupree and Gabriel hacked into the various assortment of enemies. Vaedryn carefully positioned herself round the combat, picking off opponents and Castien added a few magic missiles for good measure.

If the group was to survive another encounter with less luck, they would have to learn to work better together.



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