Exodus of Hope

Castien's Reverie

Castien stared into the fire, his newfound companions fast asleep around him except for the amber eyed Xeph, Idran. The small creature rummaged through all available bag’s, seemingly unaware of the elven reverie and cognizance of surroundings. The day had brought a brutal fight with a trio of goblins on worgs and Castien had long since expended his memorized set of spells; rest was welcomed.

As his mind drifted off, he thought back to his travel through Evereska to the city of Silverymoon. The city was alive as he entered it late in the day and Moongleam Tower, his final destination, stood high near the middle of the city. The Tower marked a known Harper location, the only to his knowledge, throughout Toril. Going into the place, who knew what eyes were upon the would-be group of recruits.

He was met by Joroth, the individual who had recruited him not so long ago, a half-elf seemingly with the patience that betrayed his human parentage. Still, Joroth was not a bad fellow and he seemed righteous later in their meeting when challenged by the Tiefling, V… V he thought was easiest to mark that creature.

The motley was met by the Lord Vasil who facilitated introductions, the aforementioned xeph and tiefling, a pair aasmar, and a human wizard known as Silas. The lot of them showed interesting personality quirks – the xeph was noisey, the aasimar duty prone, the tiefling suspicious, and the human was surprisingly intelligent (given he was a Wizard, this proved to be hardly surprising). The group listened as Vasil recounted the failures of a pair of Harper agents in Neverwinter and requested the group travel to investigate.

After a fair meal of human fare, a rather lengthy discourse focused on an attempted plan erupted; the group wisely parted ways and met up the next morning. Castien breezed by the walk, wherein he fell to the back and took in the activities of his fellows as they walked in attempt to learn a bit more about them. Most telling in their walk was the way they adeptly handled themselves in a combat; the xeph was noisey, casting metal about, the aasimar were dutiful swinging weapons and healing as appropriate, the tiefling was suspicious hiding about and shooting the goblins with her crossbow (Castien suspected she may shoot the xeph deservedly at some few points), and the human put himself in harm’s way unnecessarily repeatedly.

The walk proved his thoughts on each, but more time was needed to assess their personalities (he was an elf afterall).



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